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If you have diabetes or care for someone who does, you may find yourself playing the role of an advocate already, helping them navigate the healthcare system and file insurance claims, helping them learn to live with the condition in all settings (from classrooms to airplanes to restaurants), and keeping their loved ones informed. Diabetes advocates also speak out in local, state, and federal governments, informing legislators about their personal diabetes experiences and urging them to support critical diabetes projects. These are some of the things we do. We care, and we take action to improve things.

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At SHINING LYTES INC., We are here to assist you, your family, and friends with all of your needs regarding Diabetes, Organ Donations, and Organ Transplants.
If you need a hand to hold, an ear for listening, guidance in which direction you should go, or even if your just looking for general information please contact us.

Also, if you want to help us by donating, please send us a message. We appreciate all of your support.
Donations are used to help in the communities of Diabetes and Organ Transplantations (Pancreas). 

We're looking forward to hearing from you.